Not the View We Envisioned

Today, my best friend sent me a photo that I never wanted to see from anyone I love. It was his view of receiving his first round of Chemo-Therapy. This image was hardly bearable to see for so many obvious reasons.  Especially because I am not able to be in the room with him physically... Continue Reading →


This was by far the most quality in life my mother told me I was going to have to learn as a boy. I always recalled living out the future in my head, if it was a movie to go see, or a plan for the weekend. I was already living it and couldn't bear... Continue Reading →

Breaking in and out

Considering the different levels of pain that have been experienced by people I love and those who are my neighbors in the recent weeks can become overwhelming. It all seems to become a large hum in the air that at times one must bring moments of rest and depart for efforts to preserve the self.... Continue Reading →

Load Bearing Walls

It's inevitable the things will fall after time or pressure. We see this in the effects of these forces on buildings and structures as the shifting of time or the movement of pressure causes that what once was firm and resolute to decay and become movable. I recall a time where I walked through an... Continue Reading →

Preventative Measures 

I've heard of this book before and very thankful to the person who lended it to me. It addresses one thing many pastors fear, the failure of the church. More specifically, their own church. Of the 12 pathological patterns found in Thom Rainer's book of 14 deceased Churches, one really hit me where I feel... Continue Reading →

Redeeming Appointment

Coming up to Medford, OR has been a trip for meeting and getting acquainted with our newborn Nephew. Such a joy to see family come together for purposes of new life and new dimensions of connecting and bonding. It can be tricky to take these moments in the middle of a work week or in... Continue Reading →

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