Freed Hall

Detail by detail the efforts made to make my transition as a full-time seminary student are falling into place. After only 5 minutes I registered for my Winter quarter classes and felt the whole experience to be oddly simple. I wish I could say the same in regards to the process of hunting down the twenty books I will be pouring over in the next few months. That idea took more than a few minutes to process! And I have seemed to have reached the end of the provided checklists and “tips before coming to Fuller” that I can get a hold of.

Typically I am more of a “slow and steady” kind of guy when it comes to getting tasks accomplished and meeting the needs of the day. However, the enormity of setting up shop 473 miles South, according to google maps, has prompted me to be diligent in my planning, forecasting, and prayer. I have the aim to not merely survive as a student, but to thrive as a person. I hope being a bit older than a fresh college graduate will lend itself to my benefit and do well to serve my aspirations in the time ahead.

Having my experiences in ministry and life to draw upon, I am eager to see the principles of my faith challenged and my traditions exposed to ideas and realities that will help me grasp a larger scope of my spiritual formation. I come to the table aware of my myopic experiences and look forward to the challenge of bringing resolve to my convictions and faith. At the same time, I am keenly aware that my experiences of life will challenge others who have more of a homogenous faith experience. Bottom line, I look forward to the opportunity of richness ahead.


As I look on the desk before me, I peer over the floor plan of my unseen, 341 square foot studio in Freed Hall. Only having the shell of a living space with no idea yet of what to bring and how to fill it is much like the state of my perception of being a student again. I have the general idea but the details are waiting for me to meet them. Possessing the best laid plans only will get one so far until the time comes step up to engage with life. Only then can certain realities of effort and skill can be measured to see what it will take to thrive. In this opportunity I have been recalling what my college pastor would often tell me and others in how God can expand your mind. I have always been astonished by the idea that God can be invited to open new rooms cognitively in one’s brain. I have witnessed this process before in terms of my faith and my understanding of the Bible. I eagerly await this and many other forms of provision.

I often wonder how many days and seasons I have wasted because I haven’t been inviting God to open my mind to his provision? How many times I simply wanted him to fill in my “blueprint” instead of seeking approval for the plan of my life in the first place? This really all comes back to reverence and obedience to the promises and goodness of Gods character. How much are we willing to hand over to God in fear of our best laid plans to be seen ripped up before us? I have learned that I would much rather see this take place from a loving Heavenly Father than from a world that seeks to bring me nothing other than destruction and poverty of mind.

What plans of our lives need to be laid out before us and simply filled in by God?

May today be enough,


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