It’s time to Revive

Revive logo video 16-9I am full of anticipation this morning. My wife (Jessica) and I decided that we would go from Night Owls, to Morning…well, what do you call early risers? The transition hasn’t been as challenging as I anticipated, but what I didn’t expect was all the creative energy I have this early. Today I launch the efforts to start promoting the new ministry my Church has graciously given me to lead alongside student ministries. The ministry is a new worship service at our Church on Saturday nights. I am really excited as this marks the first evening service to be offered in the area and the potential to bless the community and leadership at my Church is one I hope this service brings. For about 4-6 months God has been drawing me into this direction and it has been one where I have had to really evaluate how am I going to reach young people, youth & young adults, in the context that I serve. The result of my prayer, research, conversations with many people, has resulted in shifting the programs for youth and the offering of this new service.

I am well aware that I am not inventing anything new, just introducing a model and “delivery” that other areas outside of my community have embraced and been edified through. However, the opportunity to usher in leadership for people calls for many conversations that circle around the issues of direction, trust, and God’s will and plan for the local church. It has been an endeavor that has allowed God to humble me, purify my motives, direct my perspective, and form my resolve that I am sold out to the opportunity to find inroads into people’s lives for Christ.

It seems that the ol’ entrepreneur (can’t be one unless you can spell the word) spirit is alive and well in me in hopes of risking a new direction and experimenting the mode in which people encounter the Kingdom. Though there are a lot of challenges to step forward, the end in which results with individuals who begin a life of trust and belief in the Messiah justifies the means to blaze a well established trail in other places into a context that has yet to experience its blessings. I hope I can share a journey with others that find the reality that I am a leader with a limp who seeks to imperfectly point to the perfect work of the cross.


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