The Night We Shined


It was truly amazing to invest a great deal of time, energy, prayer, and vision into the Tim Tebow Foundation’s Night To Shine. What a journey I was fortunate to be on the last 5 months in undertaking this ministry opportunity. In the end, we got to serve almost 100 families with person’s with special needs. I was truly humbled by the experience as over 240 volunteers stepped up for the evening to create an unforgettable prom night experience.

Every laugh, smile, cheer, and dance move was the fruit of God’s work in the community in which I serve. One thing I know, it couldn’t have been done without the amazing set of people who stepped up to lead this with me. I am so thankful for the people who were committed to not only this opportunity, but to me and my family.


One thing that surprised me was how I got opportunities on TV and radio to talk about God’s love. It was an experience that received mixed reactions. One fear that I think every leader in the Church encounters is if the message they are proclaiming about God is authentic and part of something that we truly live out. Unfortunately, for many who claim to be in harmony with their convictions of God and their lived out morality, it seems to not be authenticated in circles that extend beyond their community of service. I pray I continue to authenticate the message of Jesus’ transforming love and renewal by the opportunities I receive no matter occasion.

It is my hope that the internal and external life match and authenticate the sacrifice I proclaim to base my life upon. That I am an extension of the Christ’s death, resurrection, and life amongst his believers and the world who He came to save.

Beyond these words, here is a video of that amazing Night we all Shined! 


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