I don’t usually dream when I sleep. Experts will tell you that I actually do every night, yet it is my awareness that lacks the recollection of these dreams. If that is the case, then my mind has been more “aware” in the last week than it has been in a long time. Usually these dreams are interruptions between what I am encountering in the day and what my mind reals through post REM. It can be frustrating as sometimes dreams bring up fears, memories, or even hints at what our hearts and minds are being concerned with in the present season or in some fabricated future.

These dreams remind me of the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis. Joseph, one of the youngest in his family, the favored son of his dad. He had his place in line of the pecking order of his family. Yet, he was given a dream that interrupted this natural order of his family that was about his brothers and father and mother bowing before him.

When Joseph told this to his brothers, what ensued was a story like that seen on many drawn out daytime television story lines (don’t ask how I know). The young boy who had nothing but dreams was forced into a slew of challenges in his life that he needed to depend on God to be at work in carrying out this dream in his life.

Fast forward into the book and the result is Joseph ruling Egypt under pharaoh and his family, who presumed his death from all the drama, bowed before their brother without the ability to recognize Joseph. What ensued was a reunion, a family saved in a time of famine, and a people group experiencing the divine providence of a God who was at work in the dream Joseph encountered as a young man.

I find this to be very similar to what God does with us. He presents a vision or dream into our lives of who we are to be and this is in the form of the person of Christ. The vision is one where we live into the great opportunity of experiencing a life Spirit filled and enabled to usher power in love into places that are most dark. Yet, this is initially found in the dream given to us involving some sort of interruption to the natural order of our lives, the opinions of others, and the full loss of our comfort zones in front our next Netflix binge.

My advice? Declare the dream. Risk that next measure to trust God to continue to hint at you his plan and process of renewing you, redeeming what you’ve lost, and enabling his plan through you.

No matter what the opposition, the haters, those who will begin to sling their arrows into your back and tender heart, remember, you are able to OVERCOME as you follow after the one you are seeking to resemble more, Jesus. Last I recall, he overcame the world and told us to fear not if our faith is in him.

To all my over-comers, declare the dream he has for your life!


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