“I Will” sermon after thoughts 

I challenged my congregation this last Sunday in response to the love of Christ which is infinite, revealed, and is more about his love for us than our love for him that calls us to respond as we seek to deepen this in our lives. 

What was a key moment was the realization that many people seek to originate the source of their drive, limitations, and goals as they see fit to fixate on effort or means to realize a resolve that is only best suited to meet the cravings of self love.

What good does that have for the church or for ones own benefit beyond their days under the sun?  “This too is meaningless” to quote Ecclesiastes  and yet so many fixate how far their will can attain these goals. 

But what if we dared to respond to the love of God with a decision of “I will”? If so we would find that this is a dangerous effort because we are intentionally setting to run the full length of our ability and come to a point of surrendering the deepest resolve we can hold. 

I feel this is where discipleship starts to truly take a deeper turn and we find that the only enabling force to keep saying “I will” to Gods decrees and call is the Infinite love of Christ. 

This is exactly where Inhabe experienced moments and surpassing blessings that were way beyond my self motivation. 

Oh how I desire for everyone and anyone to come to this point where Ephesians 3:14-21 talks about the result is not a full life to our measure, but to Gods!

(We can’t even hold that in our minds!)

That is beyond us, but that is the power in which Paul prays over our lives so that “we may witness the power of the Spirit at work in us” (moreno amplified) 

What lengths of denying Jesus’ love for you must you extend before you are able to see you cannot out fail his mercy he is offering to you? 

Lead on, 


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