Load Bearing Walls

It’s inevitable the things will fall after time or pressure. We see this in the effects of these forces on buildings and structures as the shifting of time or the movement of pressure causes that what once was firm and resolute to decay and become movable.

I recall a time where I walked through an abandoned match factory and was able to clearly see the buildings purpose still intact.  You could understand the process and intention of the design of the building, the deep grooves in the cement and faded signs were all pointing to work long ago accomplished. As certain walls began to crumble there still remained key points of structure proving firm after years of exposure.

I find this to be the same in the way we build up our lives. We set a structure or framework to live and operate from. Be it a morality or our ethics and some of these are put in place by key people or influences in our lives. We find relationships in our lives that help us to expand and reinforce these beliefs and views. At times, there are walls that were formed from false teaching or thinking and they need to be demolished and rebuilt.

Other times, we place the load on people who were never meant to carry the weight and the burden. When we build our lives on these people we are in effect missing two vital characteristics in our lives. The need for Commitment and Consistency. 

In life we will see many waves brought on by time and pressure that causes us to remain firm, resolute, and upright as these forces come in on us. Often, we find those who are able to bear with us by their commitment and consistency being exposed and identified through time and pressure. Unfortunately, these are the exception instead of the rule for it seems that commitment and consistency is an ongoing loss of the virtues many hold to.

I have had people falter in their commitment or consistency by either time going by and there is suddenly “relationship amnesia” as the foundation of a relationship seems to have been eroded away unbeknownst to me. Or there is a lack of fortitude or “sticking with it” as pressures like conflict, misunderstandings, or opinions seem to remove the follow through,

I have sat across the table in many scenario’s both personally and professionally and had people inform me that their presence and support in the structure of either arena we shared in was coming down.  Some I was thankful for as it was apparent the need, others were like an earthquake that left complete shock.  Overall, what they have taught me is that is is important to build a life, a plan, a hope on walls that are meant to bear the load of time and pressure. Such as family, a spouse, and friends who understand the commitment you both seek. At the same time, we mustn’t become too comfortable with allowing too much weight to be placed on people or relationships that are led to define you by their ability to commit and be consistent.

As a pastor, I have found Jesus himself is more than enough to develop the structure and framework of a life that is functioning and following through despite time and pressure. It is because we have the model and the capacity in Christ to demonstrate that when our walls come down, God is able to bear the load if we offer it to him to carry.

This is why I have found the ability to see life, hope, and opportunity be restored in lives that once were left abandoned and forgotten. That is the beauty of the Gospel, seeing the restoration take shape through God’s Character to be committed and consistent to love us and build us up. May he be the structure that keeps your purpose intact despite time and pressure.


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