Breaking in and out

Considering the different levels of pain that have been experienced by people I love and those who are my neighbors in the recent weeks can become overwhelming. It all seems to become a large hum in the air that at times one must bring moments of rest and depart for efforts to preserve the self. It doesn’t lessen the compassion, but there is a time to provide efforts of self care while in the midst of or in between times of serving  and caring for others.

It’s in this reaching of limits that one can find the darkness of feeling hopeless, helpless, or emotions or thoughts of rage and anger shrouding all parts of life. It is in these dark places for those who are facing trauma and those who provide levels of care that God must be invited to break in and draw us out of such areas.

We need the tender mercy of God to provide for us a resting place that can’t be found without his supernatural love that can pass through our pain and walls.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

We simply must bring our attention throughout the day, the episode, or the season, that God has something to aid us, show us, teach us, and transform in us as part of a thriving dependency on him. May the Love found in Christ be the light that breaks into the darkness as many desperately need the warmth of the Father’s love.



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