This was by far the most quality in life my mother told me I was going to have to learn as a boy. I always recalled living out the future in my head, if it was a movie to go see, or a plan for the weekend. I was already living it and couldn’t bear to wait in the meantime.

However, life has taught me how important it is to not allow the “meantime” void the promise of what is to come.

We find this in 1Samuel 13 when King Saul is up against the Philistines in an epic “Lord of the Rings” kind of battle. He has been instructed to wait on the prophet Samuel before conducting the pre battle offerings to the Lord. He was instructed to wait seven days and while this took shape, his men ran and hid in caves and wells. The enemy was visibly preparing to destroy them, and Samuel was “late”. So as the king did what any leader would do, take action as his role allowed, Samuel rolls up…

The burnt offerings had been lit without the presence of God’s intermediate (the Prophet) and thus Saul was preparing to war without God.

The result?  After Samuel states “What did you do!?” declared God’s favor on the king void and he was to loose his throne. Pretty harsh… but actually, appropriate.

Saul needed to be reminded that the one who put him on the throne was a higher authority than he. We also must find this to be true when we are acting out in the roles we have been given. It isn’t fully appropriate as a believer in Christ to just carry on without patience in Gods timing, provision, and means.

Patience that is Spirit led, is filled with a capacity to keep the freedom to not act when the forces or circumstances tempt us to “light it up” without God in the middle of it all.

We must continue to trust, be ready, and remain right where God calls us to be. That is to freely choose to be obedient to him and trust that our patience in His ways and will bring outcomes of favor despite the circumstances. May we deny the temptation when God changes our time table, we see support scatter, or threats grow to void the favor promised us if we remain patiently obedient.


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